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  • R0J0hound

    I figured as much, but it's not the problem, if i preview the same project with the same white-filled canvas and try to flood fill it, with letterbox scale i get a few seconds hangout and no fill, and with integer it does not hang and it fills fine.

    I think the problem might be that when your not using integer the system canvas (not the plugin) size changes dynamically and to very odd resolutions.

    i also noticed that if you scale in the layout it also stops working.

    did you manage to use floodfill when previewing/exporting with Letterbox Scale?

  • btw: what was changed in the last update?

  • The update was just a few bugfixes.

    * fix pasting tiledbg in webGL mode.

    * fix radial gradient fill.

    I tested flood fill and it did work in letterbox scale. When floodfilling the position needs to be an integer, it won't work with floating point positions.

  • R0J0hound

    Thanks! i can't believe i didn't think of it, adding int solved it :)

  • Oh! Great! Thank you, radial gradient work !

  • R0J0hound It works in browser, But when I export it for Android it doesnt create any circle

  • R0J0hound

    It works in browser on pc, but when I export it to android it just doesn't make any circle.

  • This plugin works great... except for the fact that making a 4 screen split screen slows my frame rate down to 10.

    I see very little advice for optimizing rendering besides "updating your drivers"... which isn't really advice because you can't update the drivers of everyone who's going to download your game.

    Anyone else have better advice for optimizing rendering with split screen and this plugin?

  • hello

    i ask the question the 16/02/2014

    Do you know if this "MUST HAVE" plugin is possible as an update of construct2

    If not : why ? considering that construct 2 = html 5 = canvas

    Tanks in advance

  • Robsta

    That's just not going to work.

    You're overloading vram, and cpu.

    Have you tried the Paster object?

    Also R0J0hound

    Any suggestions on how to download the base64 string as an image?

    I've tried mailto, but it doesn't work on all clients, just as pasting the url into the browser only works on a few.

    The Browser object offers to let you download it as a string, but simply setting the mime type doesn't seem to want to convert it back into an image.

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  • kappie7

    Hmm, that is an issue. I haven't messed with any kind of android export as of yet to investigate it further.


    The only significant optimization is to set "Use webgl" to no. Use the paster plugin instead for using webgl.


    I imagine if I or anyone else didn't make a plugin like this then Scirra would eventually make one because Construct Classic had a plugin like it. Basically this frees them to work on other features first.


    The "invoke download" action works well for this. It's next to the "invoke download of string" action. I missed it initially as well when I first tried to do it.

  • Ha, that's awesome!

    Thanks for pointing that out!

  • Is it possible to draw a point, or box with zero opacity?

    Kind of like erase, but drawing with zero alpha.

    rgba(0,0,0,0) doesn't seem to do squat, even though getrgba returns that value.

  • newt

    I think a "set pixel" action will need to be made as "draw point" blends what it draws. A current workaround is to paste a 1x1 sprite with the "destination-out" blend.

  • Ok, will give that a try. Wasn't sure that would work well at the pixel level, what with how things get interpolated.

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