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  • NRABrazil - I did find an issue in the plugin when not using DirectCanvas. I have since fixed it and the update is on GitHub. All you will need to do is replace the runtime.js file in the plugin, close/reopen Construct2 and then export.

    Everything should work for you exporting with or without DirectCanvas. I saw your note about it not working for you under DirectCanvas. Did you include the directcanvasC2.js file as instructed in the readme? I've tested both options since the fix and the plugin should be working as expected now.

    Let me know how you make out.

  • Hey Tap,

    While I thought the crash issue was just with direct canvas, I have just been getting the exact same thing with a little RPG I was making that doesn't use direct canvas (because I wanted the text function from construct, and performance is fine without it).

    Just letting you know in case you weren't already aware.

  • tap Hi, How can I add in-app purchase? Thanks.

  • Joannesalfa - I am working on getting that integrated with the plugin as well. If you wanted to use that right now, you would have to use on of the plugins that let you call JS functions and follow the regular 1Touch integration steps.

    I am hoping to have something pushed to github by late this week or early next week. I will send you a PM when it's live.

  • Nice! i have a question, does appMobi takes 30% commission per purchased item? and also Apple takes 30% too, do i get 40%?

  • Hey again Tap, I was mucking around with a test project and have another bug. This one only happens when testing on a Sony Xperia so far (does not occur on Galaxy Tab or Galaxy S3).

    For some reason, the image with the lowest Z position on the lowest layer turns black when you test it on the device (XDK is fine). Once it occurs, copying, cloning or moving the object has no effect - like the image is infected. However, you can simply create a new version of exactly the same image and it works fine, so it has no breaking problems so far. But if someone else is going to release their game, they should be aware of this so they can make the fix.

    Link to broken version: dropbox.com/s/5b6y7ib20zegmqk/AngryFox.capx

    Link to version with same sprite re-added:


    Both do not use direct canvas, as the game won't even start if using DC.

    EDIT: Also I should add that starting this project in Construct and on the device starts the game normally, whereas on the XDK the screen starts in a different location. I reckon it's just because of the scroll-to functions conflicting, but again it doesn't really matter.

  • tap PM sent, you can check your inbox.

  • Hey all,

    Just wondering if anyone has published a game through appmobi yet, and if so, do you have an example I could look through? I have 5 games built so far, but they always run into a full game-breaking glitch at some point, most recently one of my games just makes all new images appear as black boxes (all the games work fine in Construct, only break when in appmobi/device).

    So yeah, I would really like to compare what I have done with something that has actually been released, or even just to know if it is possible at all.

  • Woo-hoo! Finally published one on Android ^^ Looking forward to updating it with direct canvas when possible ;)

  • Tobye,

    One thing I would check are the number of images and sound files you are using in a game and see if it is possible to reduce the number and/or file size of them. I am taking a shot in the dark because I don't know which games you are speaking of but it sounds like you could be experiencing an issue that we are aware of and are currently working on. So there will be a fix coming. The exact date I do not know yet, but our DC team is working on it.

  • Tobye

    Maybe I'm wrong, but Xperia devices use a different webview than every other android phone.

    Standard webview on android is rendered by cpu, on xperia is rendered by GPU, AFAIK this may be the reason because on accelerated canvas every non power of 2 element use more memory than a software rendered canvas.

  • Knifegrinder Ah okay, thanks for that! I'm not too good with technical stuff, but eager to learn, so it's good to have an idea to work with at least.

  • tap Hello how is going with the whole cloud services integration to C2?

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  • Joannesalfa - Well I silently pushed the 1Touch changes to gitHub late last week. 1Touch will work when your on FB or iOS but we're just working on some last minute issues on android. So I did not want to make an announcement just yet although it is available.

    As for our other cloud services, the appMobiDev plugin should handle pushMobi, statMobi and updateMobi.

    I have the other playMobi specific plugin that has been available for a while (without DirectCanvas support). I just added DirectCanvas support and am finishing testing today. I will be moving that from my dropbox account to github for everyone's convenience.

    Were you looking for something specific that is not currently included?

  • tap there is one which is not included about oneTouchPurchase and it's functions and parameters, i couldn't get it working outside of js where come the global variables.

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