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  • Welcome to the new and improved Facebook Initialize and Login by Locke Games. For the first time ever, this plugin is compatible with all other Facebook plugins free or commercial. This will make transitioning to our family of Facebook plugins an absolute breeze that can be done at your own pace. Error handling is also vastly improved over every previous version. Finally and the big clencher is the plugin is now for the very first time MINIFY FRIENDLY“.


    Initialize your application using all of the available initialization options.

    Initializes the users experience based on their browsers set language preference.

    –So if they are browsing Facebook using Leet Speak, than your app will also be showing them dialogs in Leet Speak.

    You may now minify your Construct 2 App on export for a more secure app building experience.

    Works with other Facebook Plugins

    –So if you are using the Standard plugin by Scirra you can use this plugin to extend the core capabilities.

    Log users into your application and returns a list of permissions they have actually granted your application that session.

    Retrieve the complete listing of permissions they have granted and denied to your Facebook application.

    Retrieve the session specific variables

    -User ID

    -Session expires in x number of seconds

    -Access token for making graph API calls using other Facebook plugins or the standard Ajax plugin.

    -Return the users browser language so you may code your own multi-language support.

    Another perk of this plugin? If you purchase and utilize our Datepicker plugin, new features will be added. For example, rather then knowing the number of seconds until the access token expires, you can know the actual time the access token expires for the user. You can even decide how you want that delivered to you. For example a unix timestamp, or a human readable timestamp are both options available.

    This plugin does not work on mobile exports(Sorry Phonegap folks). It does however work well with all other website versions of a Facebook plugin. So initialize with an older version of my plugin or the current Scirra Facebook plugin and use my plugin just for the login and permission info if you really want.

    NEW Payments Plugin

    This is an updated code from the tutorial code I have available under tutorials.(New Features)

    Before clicking the link, be advised, there is a policy change on this new plugin so please review the policy when visiting the product page.

    http://lockegames.com/?shopp_category=f ... -7-29-2015

  • New version 0.2.5

    Did you know you can

    -Create social boxes(like,comment....)

    -Adjust the angle, size and visibility of boxes

    -Customize dialogs into 83 languages

    -Trigger Facebook payments

    -Share stories to user wall

    -Access Facebook achievement system

    -Access Facebook scores system

    -Upload pictures to users profile

    -Permissions checking

    -Login(install app)


    -Delete app(remove all permissions)

    All with our current sale makes this a great deal.

    50% OFF FLASH SALE! Get the FULL version which includes all updates for the life of 2.0 for Just $25 while you can! You don't want to miss out on this sale! http://lancelocke.yourhosting.com/?shop ... l-purchase

  • Hi Lanceal, this looks very promising.

    However if I am to buy your addon I need to know if this is possible:

    I want to be able display a comments box for every level of my game.

    To do that I need to pass some sort of a level ID to Facebook so that it knows what the particular comment box is about.

    Could you provide a screenshot of the comments box functionality and describe how it is used in C2?

  • Does this work through CocoonJS? If so, I may consider getting it..

  • pirx yes you can, all you need to do is add a parameter to the URL ie level 1

    I honestly don't know. I've never tested it. I can never seem to get cocoonjs to work for me. My gut tells me , no. But I just don't know.

  • pirx

    Here are the settings. Each instance is setup to accept their own properties. By default a like box is populated. To change it to a comment box you would click on socialboxtype and select in order 1:Reset 2:Comment box. This will bring you the settings shown below. The only settings for a comment box are url, number of posts, colorscheme, and order of posts. To make a different box for each level, layout, monster...... you would just add a parameter to the url such as ?level=1. The order of posts can be social relevance, time, or reverse time. That controls how the comments are shown. The number of posts would be the number of comments people can see at the start(They can opt to view more) Finally colorsheme is dark or light. This can be useful if you have an overall dark layout or light layout(so it doesn't stick out like a sore thumb)

    The other great thing is unless people uncheck "Also post on Facebook", the comment is posted on their wall through a clickable link directing them to the url linked above. Great way to generate interest in your app.

    Try it yourself here


  • https://www.facebook.com/download/329675380520457/social_boxes_example.capx

    For all of you paid users please review this step by step guide on utilizing this plugin. This is a very basic walkthrough, feel free to message me if you have any more questions until I can finish a more advanced walkthrough. For the rest of you, I have opted to extend our sale for a little while longer. Order your copy today.

    50% OFF FLASH SALE! Get the FULL version which includes all updates for the life of 2.0 for Just $25 while you can! You don't want to miss out on this sale! http://lancelocke.yourhosting.com/?shop ... l-purchase

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  • Hi lanceal,

    I'm implementing your plugin and so far it is going well.

    I see how adding a parameter to the url changes the contents of the comments box. That's great, but how do I change the url while in game?

    I need something like a dynamic SET URL action to be able to change the comment box when a level changes in my game.

  • Version 0.2.7 - Phonegap starts here

    Initial testing for Phonegap

    To enable Phonegap

    -Set the new global instance property "Phonegap" to yes.

    -In your developer app settings set the domain and website url to localhost and http://localhost respectively.

    -In the Phonegap login, set your url to http://localhost(Already set by default)

    -Review the attached app file for directions on changing the xml file to support this login type.

    Working conditions:

    "On info updated" triggers when the user information is available

    "On ready" triggers when Facebook is ready to use.

    "On Phonegap Login" triggers when user logs in through phonegap

    "On Phonegap Login Fail" triggers when user cancels login.

    "While using Phonegap" true as long as you are currently using Phonegap.

    Working actions:

    Phonegap Login used to login through Phonegap

    Working Expressions

    "User access token"

    "User ID"

    "First Name"

    "Last Name"


    "Profile Link"

    "Full Name"


    "Last updated"

    "Verified Account"

    "User Locale"

    "User profile picture"

    Also testing the picture uploading feature at the moment. More features will come in future updates.

    50% OFF FLASH SALE! Get the FULL version which includes all updates for the life of 2.0 for Just $25 while you can! You don't want to miss out on this sale! http://lancelocke.yourhosting.com/?shop ... l-purchase

  • Current Version: 0.2.8

    Perform developer level GET, DELETE, and POST calls to the graphapi. Receive the return value as a string through new "graphapicalldata" expression after "On GraphAPI success" trigger has fired. This action works in Phonegap mode as well.

    Facebook developers the graphAPI is now at your beckon call with this update. The sale ends very soon now. Get your copy now. <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile">

    Implement login and get user information through Phonegap.

    50% OFF FLASH SALE! Get the FULL version which includes all updates for the life of 2.0 for Just $25 while you can! You don't want to miss out on this sale! http://lancelocke.yourhosting.com/?shop ... l-purchase

  • is your plugin working with Intel XDK? If so, do you have some instructions on how to integrate them with XDK? Thanks

  • To be honest, I do not know about compatibility with any mobile platform other than phonegap. I'm currently working on expanding the language capabilities in the plugin. Once I'm done I will begin to look into adding support for other platforms. Just be aware that with the new facebook api, some items will not work from a mobile app(c: drive or Localhost). Well it will work but you might need to take additional steps to implement.

  • Ok , but nobody uses Phonegap here on Scirra...since XDK has such a better performance, And Ashley will deprecate export to old XDk

  • Cipriux I understand the point you are making. There are a few who use Phonegap and it was a relatively easy addition to make so I added it. As I have said, I will be looking into adding other exporters after I finish expanding the language capabilities. I don't have a time frame as of yet but my outward guess is the beginning of next week I will be looking into the other mobile platforms.

  • hi lanceal,

    is there a trial version of this plugin to test it before purchasing it??

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