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  • Hi Lance,

    I just bought your complete package facebook plugins for Construct2, but there's no capx example for bearings. I need expecially to display the prompt to invite friends to the game. can you send me the capx or redirect me to where I can grab it? I tried to read all the other posts but the screenshots and images are not the same with the complete package you put on sale and I bought. Please can you show me how to invite friends to the game? it's very important to me and I would be grateful for life.


  • Kheltos

    I can't at the moment, but I can work on something over the next couple days. You should take w peek at my tutorial when you can at https://www.scirra.com/tutorials/1092/u ... -20-plugin

  • New additions available at: http://lockegames.com/?shopp_category=facebook-plugins

    1:Like Button - Add a Facebook like button to your app.

    2:App Requests - Send and receive requests between users using the Facebook requests platform(requires secure(https) website.

  • Update to the Facebook core plugin. Now supports Construct 2 minify on export. A must have update to the free core plugin. Further proof that I update all my plugins routinely, even the free ones. So if you haven't done so yet, pick up some of the growing list of Facebook plugins at my store http://lockegames.com/?shopp_category=c ... -2-plugins

  • 10% off any of my software including the popular Facebook plugins now through 12/26/2014. Order your software today at http://lockegames.com/?shopp_page=shop

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    Develop games in your browser. Powerful, performant & highly capable.

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  • Newly added Facebook payments plugin to my website. Process Facebook credits on your Construct 2 application(http://lockegames.com/?shopp_product=facebook-payments). This plugin only interfaces with Facebook, it does not save the information to your database. Pick up the credits management script at http://lockegames.com/… to save the information to an MySQL database.

  • New plugin to my Facebook family

    Add the ability to create game groups on Facebook. Add users, post to the group. This would be perfect for alliances,covens,groups....... Get this plugin and more at http://lockegames.com/?shopp_category=construct-2

  • Hi.

    I'm trying to implement your Facebook Photo Upload plugin, but I'm running into problems. I've followed your tutorial pretty closely, and I've successfully posted canvas snapshots using localhost and the Construct 2 preview, but when I export the project and host it with Dropbox, Gamejolt or Newgrounds I can't get it to work beyond logging in to Facebook.

    Is the problem likely to be with my hosting choices? Do I need to get some sort of private web hosting to get the photo upload to work?

    The only other thing I can think of is the Facebook permissions on unapproved apps. The basic approved permissions don't include posting to Facebook, so I'm wondering if I need to submit the app for review before I'm able to upload snapshots. Although that doesn't seem relevant if I can post through a localhost preview.


  • Yes you need to submit for review with publish actions permission. Until then you should be able to test your app from any account that is listed as a developer or tester on facebook.

  • Hello,

    I'm having problems with the plugin when the game is hosted.

    In localhost everything is OK, but in the my host I'm no able even to login into facebook.

    I think the problen is the The redirect URL.

    In your plugin I noticed these two variables:

    AddStringParam("URL", "The redirect URL" ,'"http://lancelocke.yourhosting.com/Inbox"');

    AddStringParam("URL", "The redirect URL" ,'"http://lancelocke.yourhosting.com/Outbox"');

    Should I change them?

    If my host is https://www.myexamplehost.com/PRUEBA/PRUEBA/index.html

    Also in the facebook app settings what should I enter in advanced tab, Valid OAuth redirect URIs?



  • jugger87 No, that is just an example that shows up in the actual project. You will change that from c2, not the edit time file. The problem you are describing is usually one of two. First maybe the domain section of your developer app is not set. Both the domain and website sections of your developer.facebook.com app need to be filled in. Second, there is a little glitch that I haven't corrected yet with the project export. When you export your project, export it without the minify option.

  • I recently created a tutorial where you can learn to make your own plugins by creating a copy of my old Facebook payments plugin. You or anyone else can find the tutorial here at https://www.scirra.com/tutorials/4798/m ... k-payments. I do ask that anyone who uses it, likes the tutorial and keeps me in mind if they ever have any freelance work to complete.

  • Welcome to the new and improved Facebook Initialize and Login by Locke Games. For the first time ever, this plugin is compatible with all other Facebook plugins free or commercial. This will make transitioning to our family of Facebook plugins an absolute breeze that can be done at your own pace. Error handling is also vastly improved over every previous version. Finally and the big clencher is the plugin is now for the very first time MINIFY FRIENDLY“.


    Initialize your application using all of the available initialization options.

    Initializes the users experience based on their browsers set language preference.

    –So if they are browsing Facebook using Leet Speak, than your app will also be showing them dialogs in Leet Speak.

    You may now minify your Construct 2 App on export for a more secure app building experience.

    Works with other Facebook Plugins

    –So if you are using the Standard plugin by Scirra you can use this plugin to extend the core capabilities.

    Log users into your application and returns a list of permissions they have actually granted your application that session.

    Retrieve the complete listing of permissions they have granted and denied to your Facebook application.

    Retrieve the session specific variables

    -User ID

    -Session expires in x number of seconds

    -Access token for making graph API calls using other Facebook plugins or the standard Ajax plugin.

    -Return the users browser language so you may code your own multi-language support.

    Another perk of this plugin? If you purchase and utilize our Datepicker plugin, new features will be added. For example, rather then knowing the number of seconds until the access token expires, you can know the actual time the access token expires for the user. You can even decide how you want that delivered to you. For example a unix timestamp, or a human readable timestamp are both options available.

    This plugin does not work on mobile exports(Sorry Phonegap folks). It does however work well with all other website versions of a Facebook plugin. So initialize with an older version of my plugin or the current Scirra Facebook plugin and use my plugin just for the login and permission info if you really want.

    Before clicking the link, be advised, there is a policy change on this new plugin so please review the policy when visiting the product page.

    http://lockegames.com/?shopp_product=fa ... -and-login

  • Along with my new Initialize and Login is a new and improved Payments plugin. You may find them both at

    http://lockegames.com/?shopp_category=f ... -7-29-2015

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