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  • Textbox++ v1.01 (Apr 04, 2018)

    Description: An easier way to work with text box.


      - Conditions
    • On focus - Triggered when the textbox is in focus.
    • On unfocused - Triggered when the text box is out of focus.
      - Actions
    • Add Class - Add class name to object.
    • Remove Class - Remove the object class name.
    • Append Text - Add text to the end of the existing text.
    • Selectable - Set whether text can be selected.
    • Select All - Select all the text inside the text box.
    • Scroll Top - Scroll to the top line of a textarea.
    • Scroll Bottom - Scroll to the bottom line of a textarea.
    • Scroll to (%) - Scroll to the custom position (in percentage) of this object.
    • Scroll to (position) - Scroll to the custom position of this object.
      - Expressions
    • ID - Get the object ID.
    • Class - Get the object Class.
    • ScrollHeight - Get scroll height of a textarea.
    • ScrollPosition - Get scroll position of a textarea.
  • [quote:1kjehamj]New version

      [#] Fixed - some bugs.

      [+] Font Style - choose between normal, bold, italic or both.

      [quote:1kjehamj]New version

      • [#] Fixed - auto font size.
    • [quote:18k89t3m]New version

      • [#] Selectable text - choose if text can be selected.
    • hello Nandynho does this plugin support for Cocoon.io Canvas+ webview engine ?

    • how are you?

      Sorry this is a behavior not a plugin, if the text box plugin works this one also works.

      This is a behavior for the text box plugin.

    • Hello.

      Great Behavior but i have an error with a textfiled "Text".

      "Cannot set property 'onfocus' of undefined... Textbox_plus_behavior.js, line 53 (col 26)"

      No error with a "Text box".


    • christ59 this plugin was development to works only with text box.

      Did you use this behavior in which object?

    • In "Text" object.

    • So that's it, that behavior is only to work with Textbox. Sorry...

    • Awesome behavior, keep up the good work!

      Previously I used the Advanced Textbox Plugin, but this behavior has some features, that I previously had to script with Construct. Especially the Text restriction.

      If you don't mind, I have some feature requests:

      • I disabled the block context menu function in runtime.js, because I needed the context menu in my game, but, i also need the block function in some fields. Is it possible for you to add a property to enable/disable this features?
      • I miss a font size property or did i overlooked it?
      • A disable outline (not border) property would be awesome


      Set CSS style "font-size" to "32px" isn't working when i use the behavior, is this a bug or do i miss an option?

      And "Selectable" isn't working too ...

    • Hello - how are you?

      I tested and found no bug, can change the font size without any problem, and 'Selectable' is also working.

      There is 'Auto Font Size'. You don't like her?

    • [quote:1yfsbxxt]New version

        [+] Action - Selectable (set whether text can be selected).

        [+] Propertie - Context menu (the contextmenu event is triggered when the right mouse button is clicked on this object).

        [+] Propertie - Outline (An outline is a line that is drawn around elements (outside the borders) to make the element "stand out".).

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      • Ok I found the bug with the font-size. If you use "On start of layout" or "On TextBox created" to set the font-size, the behavior resets this setting, so with "Every tick" it is working but wasting resources. But since your last update it's even works with this two too. So it is fixed

        But i don't really get the AutoFontSize option, what exactly is it doing? And a font-size property would be awesome too, so i dont have to use the css action.

        The "Selectable" option was not working before the update, I tested this with every combination i could, but since the update it has the same function as the native "Enabled" property ... so i can not select the text but also can not typing

        The both new properties are working awesome

        Some optional cosmetic request:

        Marge the two border properties, like the outline one to safe some space and replace the description from "0 to disable" to "none to disable" for both. But this is purely cosmetic, the behavior is awesome even without

        The next step would be to add some expressions like "pointer position" and "selected text"

        Keep up the good work, this is one of the best additions for the textbox plugin ever made. Good job bro

      • this is a behavior problem, they do not work very well at start. After loading the Layout it reads the behaviors...

        To do this wait a few seconds to set a new css if not it will reset using the behavior settings. But it's not necessary to use 'Every Tick' just wait a few milliseconds.


        You haven't seen the option 'Auto Font Size'? It is below the Class property, it is the second option.


        I think you did not understand the 'Selectable'.

        This option only works if the object cannot be modified, so it disables the text box.

        When you set only disabled you can copy the text but do not modify it.

        But when you disable the 'Selectable' you can not copy the text, it looks like an image on the screen.



        *0 = There is no outline.

        *None = Will use the default CSS.

        So I wrote '*0 to disable'


        The top of the properties is something easy for the user, the bottom is the advanced.

        For us who understand CSS is easy but I've already been asked to make something easier for the beginners.


        I'll need some time to add the new functions you asked me...


        Did you understand everything I said? - My english is very bad friend!

      • Disable the Selectable Text prevents you from doing this:

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