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  • gabuchin have you uploaded to the site? Can you put the link here?

  • With the "set webfont" action of the text plugin, there is a load time. With this behavior is it also present?

  • Banatawa if the path to the source is online, it will take a few milliseconds to download.

  • [quote:2kfgsb6z]

    New version 1.01 (Apr 04, 2018)

    • [+] Box Shadow - added.
    • [#] *other things but I can not remember.


  • Hey bro, so i'm having an issue with the text box on mobile, when i click on the text box, the navbar shows up and it doesn't go away anymore, can this behavior help me with this somehow? can you help me please? ;--;

  • Like, the game is not full screen anymore if i click on the text box, you know?

  • I don't know if I'm really dumb or what but I'm not able to make the "no selectable" work I tried the combinations that could make a difference like: Read-only, Disabled, Context Menu off, but I can still select the text while holding click and dragging the mouse over the text. Changing the option with events or on the property panel doesn't seem to make any difference, in this case, "select all text" works fine.

    What am I missing?

  • Links broken. Can someone reupload please?

  • Nandynho

    Could you upload the plugin's source to GitHub? So other devs can help you on implementing new things.

    Also, we can subscribe to alerts of new releases

    Same for HTML | iFrame

  • Is Textbox++ 1.01 also for construct3? that would be great.


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  • I downloaded this plugin to my PC a few weeks ago, and it worked perfectly. Today I decided to load one of my projects on my laptop, and realized I needed this plugin again. I go to download it and... Avast, my anti-virus, is trying to say it contains ransomware. It's obvious that this is most likely inaccurate information from the anti-virus' end, but... I can't be too sure, obviously. I definitely NEED to download this plugin, but I don't know if I can comfortably do so without first finding an explanation as to why it's picking it up as ransomware.

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