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  • lunarray

    Oh... thank you, I dont know why I didn't think of that

  • I might have stumbled on a bug :

    Even though I set the Y (relative) target, it only moves on the X axis; actually, if I set only the Y (relative), it still moves on the X axis.

    It works fine if Y set Y (absolute) though (I'm using this as a workaround).

    Here is the capx : https://www.dropbox.com/s/k69ndzjv6h4jqep/litetween.capx?dl=0

  • I am wondering if you can add 2 liteTween behaviors. I would like to have a position tween and an opacity tween. Is that posible? I tried to add both in the code windows with only one behavior but it did not work. Then I tried to add 2 liteTween which technically should work but then none of the properties work.

  • resdesign yes, you can add multiple tween behaviours to an object. Try renaming them if youre using actions to set them up. Its easy to get them mixed up.

  • lahssoo

    Sorry for the late reply, you should use 'start from last recorded' in this case.

  • Thank you guys. After reviewing the samples lunarray provided at the beginning of the post, I saw that this was possible. I used 2 LiteTween one for position and one for opacity.

  • This is amazing! Can Behavior/Plugins downloaded from here be used on comercial projects?

  • sachos345 yes but I must advise is give credit to person whom has created the PLUGINS. No harm in that

  • Hi. i Bought super platformer and my litetween not working good (when starting construct2 i have message "Found 'GetPluginSettings' global, but it is not a function. This plugin will not be available in the editor. Somebody help me? Windows 10

    Thank you!

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  • LiteTween is a Behaviour, not a Plugin. You've put it in the wrong directory. Just move it.

  • You installed in wrong place

  • Just a quick question.

    Using the bounce function as an example, is there a way to determine when the sprite initially bounces? It would be nice to be able to put some sound effects in. In my game, it's not colliding with anything, so I can't just wait for a collision. It's more of a menu feature, so it just drops into place.

    I'm looking at the conditions associated with it, and wonder if it's in there. I feel I may need to start experimenting... but it's probably something like 0.5 on the first collision, 0.75 on the second and so on and so forth.

  • Thank you all!! It working now.

  • It is a string, if it is a position tween you can use "700,200" in the target to tween to x=700, y=200. If you want to use variable let's say MyTargetX and MyTargetY, you can turn those two variable into string by entering

    MyTargetX & "," & MyTargetY

    into the target field.

    I am having trouble using a variable for Opacity and Angle, It works for Duration.

    With "80" it works correctly. When I make "80" a global or local variable (MaxOpacity/ MaxAngle) it ignores the variable and stays at the object's current opacity/angle for the whole tween.

    Anybody know a way around this? It is part of my game so I really need a variable to work.

  • Yes, and it is exactly what lunarray wrote in the quoted text.

    Need to translate number variable to a string with str(number).

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