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  • surendhra Go for it...it will work !

  • Nitro187

    It is a bug in the mirror/flip handling code in litetween, i think TrickyWidget mentioned about this as well before, but i didn't catch what he meant during that time.

    I fixed the bug once more, hopefully this time it will finish it once and for all. Mirror and Flip are always confusing to deal with due to the negative width etc.

    Please redownload the behavior in the first page.

  • lunarray: Amazing... works great!

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  • Hello

    Could you please check this thread and the problem that is described there ?.

    I need to check if the plugin is doing a good job to dismiss it as a source of the problem.

    Thank you.

  • Ok, I put the answer on the other thread.

  • Hi lunarray

    I have some problem using EaseInBack from height=0 in some situation. It has about 40% chances to see a upside-down tweening.

    Would you please help to check the following example? Thanks!

    https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/209 ... tween.capx

  • Hey lunarray is there any chance you could make a value tween take a target value like position/scale? It would be slightly cleaner to use "start, target" for value tweens.

  • hello,

    im having a problem using this behaviors while export with intel xdk, this behaviors doesnt work.

    is there anyone having a same problem with me? or if anyone success to export it to android using this behaviors,please tell me the solution

    thanks a lot

  • putrandasky

    Works fine for me in xdk and cocoon. If it works when you run the layout it should work when you export.

  • putrandasky

    Works fine for me in xdk and cocoon. If it works when you run the layout it should work when you export.

    hi gameglaux, thankyou for your respond,

    i think i'm using old version of litetween last night.

    but after i download with version 1.7, it's work with intek XDK!


  • Hello lunarray, first of all thanks a lot for your plugin!

    I have a simple question. I'm using litetween (1.5) to do a simple dodge in a top down a-rpg. Basically when you hit the button, the character moves a bit in the gamepad left axis direction.

    What I want to do is simply stopping the movement when I collide with a solid element. To do a collision check, I do a simple event like that

    The problem I have is that it doesn't really work, and if the tween is fast enough, it goes through the solid sprite without being stopped.

    Is there a more efficient way to do this kind of collision check, compatible with litetween?

    Thanks a lot!

  • Sorry for the late reply guys,


    That is the correct behavior of how EaseInBack, EaseInBounce etc works.

    I'll try to explain EaseInBack and EaseOutBack using ordinary words.

    So in height tween of EaseOutBack, it works by making its height bigger, then it will exceed 68 pixel, after that it will return to the 68 pixel with.

    In height tween of EaseInBack, it starts by making its height smaller, then grow its height bigger until it reach 68 pixel.

    But in the case of EaseInBack since it starts at zero, the height became negative, which cause it to turn upside down. This is how C2 behave, if you set height or width to negative value it will flip or mirror (actually that is how it is coded in javascript), so I can't do anything with it. Clamping it to zero in litetween using javascript would make other people who expect it to go negative unsatisfied. So if you still want that effect, you should clamp it to zero in C2 events.

    I made a simple example here:

    https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/553 ... anged.capx

    Are you sure you don't want EaseOutBack instead?

  • Flodcp

    I am not sure with that problem, if you have a capx i might be able to help more. But try this first, would changing it from on Collision (which is a trigger), to on Overlap works?

    Changing it to "start, target" would make alot of other users of LiteTween who have used the old way of "target" refused to work (some used really alot of litetween in their old project).

    The other way would be to add something like "Value (start,target)" tweened property to take 'start, target' parameter, but this is confusing because it will be inconsistent to how other 'target' works. I am sorry I think I shouldn't add this one. And thank you for answering the question for me about XDK/Cocoon export. :>

  • lunarray yup I think changing it to an overlap seems to work better already, it will help me figure this out, thanks!

  • hello,

    not my behavior appears. I've copied the folder, restart the program and the computer and is still missing. for what is this?

    Thank you

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