SimpleThree_Camera (Construct 2 Behaviours)

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  • What kind of raycaster?

    If you're talking about the ones used to create Fake 3D (e.g. Original Wolfenstein, old Doom), I'm not going to do that, it is complicated to translate that technique to Construct2 runtime, at least for my not so good math abilities.

    But if you're talking about a more generalized concept (e.g. the used to check collisions or projectile impacts), well, that would have to wait for some time, I'm aiming to complete certain objectives before adding more 3D-aware things.

    But looking at the threejs docs, it looks like they already have a Raycaster object, so, I think I'd be able to "easily" do that in the future, I'd need to think in a way to express or use it in Construct2.

    I'm open to suggestions though :D