Performance isolation for HTML5 games with Web Workers

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  • As a long term user and a supporter of C3, I have noticed countless people downplaying the engine because of it being focused on HTML5. (which I have always believed has been a great thing, and I have always liked the browser based nature of the software).

    Posts like this one that discus aspects that I don't completely understand but am interested to learn about, really show that you and Scirra/Construct Team are making an innovative, technical feat of a product. I feel like the lot of the people that criticize are blindly sticking to their idea that HTML5 will never be a good main technology to base an engine around, even though there are many more advancements like this that could make a massive difference to the future of the tech.

    This was a great read. Just wanted to say I hope you and the rest of the Construct Team are staying safe. As someone who's living in Ireland and following UK news, things are scary over here and seem to be even scarier over in the UK. Stay safe!