Let's make a game that's Definitely Not Pokemon

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  • Here is how to do a simple transition using the fade behavior. There is a transition object on layer 'transitions' in each layout.

    + System: On start of layout

    -> Functions: Call Transition (State: "In")

    | Local number Fade_Time‎ = 1.5

    * On function 'Transition'

    * Parameter 'State' (String)

    ----+ System: State = "In"

    -----> Transition: Fade: set fade-out time to Fade_Time

    -----> Transition: Fade: start fade

    ----+ System: State = "Out"

    -----> System: Create object Transition on layer "Transitions" at (0, 0)

    -----> Transition: Set size to (ViewportWidth("Transitions"), ViewportHeight("Transitions"))

    -----> Transition: Fade: set fade-in time to Fade_Time

    -----> Transition: Fade: start fade

    + Transition: On Fade fade-out finished

    -> Transition: Destroy

    + Transition: On Fade fade-in finished

    -> System: Signal "LayoutChange"