Let's make a game that's Definitely Not Pokemon

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  • 21 Jun, 2019
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In the introductory post for this blog, I mentioned the fact that there's a long-term game project in the works to go along with our new dev streams. Well, in this post, I'm going to talk a bit more about the game itself and what I have planned out so far.

Introducing Definitely Not Pokemon!

So, as much as I would dearly love to make an actual Pokemon game during these streams, (and it would save me a lot of artwork) I can't for obvious, legal reasons. Therefore, I'm going to be making my own spin on the creature-based RPG. I hope to recreate some of the core things I love about Pokemon while adding some new mechanics of my own, all in Construct 3!

I have nearly a whole side of A4 covered in mechanics that I know I'm going to need including:

  • A turn-based battle system
  • Random encounters
  • Capture system
  • Party & Inventory
  • Information (Pokedex) system

And that's just the necessities. When I look at things I enjoy in other games, I had also thought about including things like crafting or farming. But let's focus on the required mechanics first.

My first major task, as you probably guessed from the previous post, is getting some kind of semblance of the world together. I want to have some basic layouts in place before I start laying mechanics on top of them. So I'm starting with the (currently unnamed) city in which the player will begin the game.

The city has four sections, each with a specific theme - Residential, Entertainment, Shopping and Research. The player lives in Residential, begins the game in the Entertainment (in the theatre to be precise), gets their first 'Pokemon' in Research and can buy all their gear in Shopping. So this city has enough stuff in it for me to cram a lot of my wanted mechanics in one place!

I've got a basic map for each district already; I just need to design it to fit correctly in its 36x36 box. Then I can get the tiles sorted and start working on some layout transitions, which I think I'll be basing on the system used in Demonoire. I'm going to be scouring the built-in examples as much as I can for inspiration!

You said you'd mention some lore. What about that?

I do have some ideas for the backstory and premise of the game, but these are very much a work in progress. Plus I'm awful at naming things, so I expect plenty to change as I go.

The game is set in the Skirah Province (three guesses what inspired that name) where creatures called Divimals live in harmony with humans. Society has long been divided over opinions regarding Science and the Divine. Those on the Science side of the argument believe we should strive to understand everything about the world, especially the Divimals so that that knowledge can benefit humanity and the planet. Those on the Religion side believe that the Divine designed the planet and that humans shouldn't intervene in the grand plan. Nor should humans delve into what the Divine has created, for humans do not deserve the knowledge or power that the Divine has.

I know that's rather cliche, but I am hoping to add some more depth to the story as I go.

The player's parents are both firmly on the Science side - in fact, their mother works in the City's research lab. Both expected their child to follow in their footsteps. But then a historical play came to the theatre, which went something along the lines of:

Many moons ago, our great ancestors who founded this land came across the first of a new type of creature.

These beings could control fire, water, air. All manner of magicks. They appeared from nowhere. As if they were a gift from the gods.

The first of our kind to discover these creatures called them Divine Animals. For some of them resembled their domestic farm animals but with divine powers. Over time, we formed bonds with them, grew used to them in everyday life. They became our friends, partners, family. They became known as Divimals.

The player becomes intrigued by the history and realises perhaps there's more to the world's opinion divide. And so their epic journey begins.

Or something to that effect.

Anyway, I hope this gives you a little more insight into the game I'm trying to create. Obviously, it's going to be a ton of work, but I'm looking forward to the challenge.


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  • Here is how to do a simple transition using the fade behavior. There is a transition object on layer 'transitions' in each layout.

    + System: On start of layout

    -> Functions: Call Transition (State: "In")

    | Local number Fade_Time‎ = 1.5

    * On function 'Transition'

    * Parameter 'State' (String)

    ----+ System: State = "In"

    -----> Transition: Fade: set fade-out time to Fade_Time

    -----> Transition: Fade: start fade

    ----+ System: State = "Out"

    -----> System: Create object Transition on layer "Transitions" at (0, 0)

    -----> Transition: Set size to (ViewportWidth("Transitions"), ViewportHeight("Transitions"))

    -----> Transition: Fade: set fade-in time to Fade_Time

    -----> Transition: Fade: start fade

    + Transition: On Fade fade-out finished

    -> Transition: Destroy

    + Transition: On Fade fade-in finished

    -> System: Signal "LayoutChange"

  • Can't wait to buy the game on steam

  • hehehe I was also scouring the demonoire