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  • "Reduce memory use of instances (improves quadissueperf benchmark)" - can i get some info that point?

    I tried to google it, but in vain.

    • quadissueperf is some kind of performance test where you create tons of instance until the limit of your computer's ability, the number of instances you get in the end is the result

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      What information are you looking for?

      • Core info I'd love to get - is how this technical process (i can't even spell it) improves my game?

        In short - i would really appreciate that line being re-worded for not-so-tech people (as myself). Like previous result was 1000 objects on a layout, now it is 1100 objects.

        • Well it's kinda what it says on the tin. We made some changes to reduce how much memory ( RAM ) each instance of an Object uses ( copies of a Sprite for example ).

          Most obvious thing this does it to reduce the overall amount of memory your game uses. The memory usage of instances isn't often an issue but it's nice to bring it down. In the benchmark this has increased the number of instances the runtime can process per frame before reaching the limits of your computer. We believe this is because having smaller instances improves data locality.

          The "data warehouse" analogy the writer gives is a pretty excellent explanation I think, so hopefully non-technical devs can understand it.

          Due to the nature of it the performance improvement will vary from computer to computer, so I'm not sure it's worth posting a % improvement.