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  • 6 Dec, 2019
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Forgot to write a post last week. My bad. Hey, I’m only human!

A fair chunk has happened in the last couple of weeks. There are more fixed things in my game, as well as a couple more broken things... “Thaaaaaaat’s game dev!” I think that’s my new catchphrase.

The biggest change is that I’ve finally started to wrap my head around my JSON-based dialogue system. To the point where I now have a test project that I’ve used to start porting the mechanic into the main game. It still needs tweaking, but at the very least, the idea is there.

There are some nifty things I’ve started building into the test project, like button control for the text boxes, using a replace expression to add variables into the dialogue strings and formatting. Plus, I have started working on a way of using the JSON system to call functions. AND IT WORKS. Which is a big deal for me.

The other thing to come out of working on all these test projects, is a bunch of example projects. Yep, I’ve started working on a tutorial course covering different ways to implement dialogue into your games. There are three tutorials so far, plus a mini introduction. They cover using Instance Variables, Arrays and JSON to implement dialogue and I’m hoping to have some more JSON-based tutorials once I figure a few more things out.

And on the subject of tutorials, I’m also working on some more ‘TipClips’ - little videos clipped from my streams that cover how to do bits and pieces in Construct 3. They’re already available on Twitch, and some have appeared on YouTube now too. I hope someone finds them useful!

So next week, hopefully I can work on some more dialogue bits either in my example projects, or within the game itself. Plus, with any luck, I’ll finish The Next Penelope on Thursday! Hope you’ll join me!


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