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About 18 months ago, Facebook launched a new online gaming platform — Instant Games. You could play HTML5 games either within Facebook's News Feed or in Messenger. Fast-forward to now, and Facebook has launched Instant Games to the world, allowing developers like you to publish to their platform.

So why are we telling you this?

Well, Construct 3 now has a brand new Facebook Instant Games plugin!

Using the existing HTML5 exporter, you can now produce games for the Instant Games platform and take advantage of things like leaderboards, sharing (invite, request, challenge, share, and post scores), not to mention Facebook's massive user-base. Plus, you only need one version to deploy to Instant Games — no messing around with iOS or Android specific exports!

The plugin will also allow you to see player details, including which platform they're using, log analytics events and retrieve a list of other connected players.

Instant Games creations are recommended to load as fast as possible — making Construct 3 ideal for producing them with its lightweight engine. An empty project exported in C3 is only 130kb in size leaving you plenty of room for your game!

The plugin is now available in the latest Construct 3 beta, and you can check out Facebook's Instant Games platform right now — just pop over to your News Feed or the Messenger app and start playing!

We think that the Instant Games platform will be a great place to launch your Construct 3 creations. We hope you find success with it!


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  • hi!

    Is there a plugin , same as instant games in c3 , for construct2 , to make games for facebook instant games?


  • That's a very great news, and I'm so excited about!

    I'm currently editing one of my game to make it Instant Games-compatible as a try. Thanks, guys!

  • Hi guys. Thanks for this cool plugin. ed more - in-app purchase function. You can add this?

  • Is there any plan to add in app purchases?

  • Wow, thanks so much for this information, I have not started yet, doing a lot of reading but am extremely excited about learning to use it.