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  • 29 Mar, 2022
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Ludum Dare is a worldwide game jam where games are made from scratch in a weekend and Ludum Dare 50 will be running from the 2nd to the 5th of April (that's for us here in the UK, the event is timezone dependent, so make sure you check the LD site!) As has now become a bit of a tradition, we're going to be opening up the full version of Construct 3 completely for free so that you can use it for the duration of the jam!

All features will be available, including Remote Preview and the mobile app build service and limits on features like JavaScript coding, Timelines, meshes and more will be lifted. Plus, don't forget there are all the new 3D features to play around with!

If you want some more information about some of our latest features, our blog has you covered. Take a look at posts talking about the 3D features, sub-layers and the new Example Browser (a great place to look for inspiration!)

It's the ideal time to try out Construct 3 - if you're taking part in Ludum Dare, give it a go!

How to use it

All you need to do to use the full version of Construct 3 for free during the jam is:

  1. Make sure you've registered a free account
  2. Visit to load Construct 3
  3. Log in with your account (choose Menu - Account - Log in) - you'll then have access to the full version!

Ludum Dare’s site has full details about when the jam starts and ends, specific to your timezone and we’re making sure Construct 3 will be free for the duration of the jam! The GameJam license will be running from 12:00UTC on April 1st until 12:00UTC on April 5th which should cover all timezones.

Until the jam kicks off you can still use the free edition to familiarise yourself with Construct - perhaps start with the Beginner's guide to Construct 3 if you're new.

Good luck!

For more information see the Ludum Dare website, including the rules. Please do mention Construct as the engine or framework if you make a submission!

We’d love to know if you’re joining the Jam, so share your creations with us! Use the tags #MadeWithConstruct or #Construct3, or tag us directly on Twitter or Facebook using @ConstructTeam and we’ll share as much as we can! There's also the official Ludum Dare hashtag #LDJAM and they're @LudumDare on Twitter.

Have fun!


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