Construct 3

Release r29

18 May, 2017 ()


A number of improvements and fixes, and the build service is now live!

22 Changes

  • App Build Service is now live!
  • Settings option to hide 'Add action' rows in event sheets
  • Drag-dropping multiple image files now creates a single sprite with an animation like C2 does, rather than separate sprites
  • Event Sheet View: comments now preserve spaces/tabs
  • Image editor eraser tool erases single pixel at size 1 and 4 pixels at size 2 for precise editing
Bug fix
  • Added handling of storage errors, which ought to prevent crashes due to QuotaExceededError. Instead an error is shown suggesting to free up storage space.
  • Inserting new objects in a popup layout view window didn't work correctly
  • Dialogs in popup windows should now work correctly
  • Possible crash closing a popup window with a dialog open in that window
  • Double-clicking Text or SpriteFont objects in a popup window now opens the text dialog in the correct window
  • 'On function' events referring to global constant strings now trigger correctly
  • Rename family crash
  • Eraser hardness when using a size of 1 or 2
  • Image editor cut tool crashes
  • Setting of the cursor when dragging a selection in the image editor
  • Crash in the Tilemap Editor when trying to edit a tilemap in a locked layer
  • Bug causing instances to change size when adding or deleting animations or frames in the animations editor
  • Crash when opening the project bar from the main view menu while there is more than 1 active project
  • Crash when closing the image editor
  • Crash opening project that includes a layout with a partially valid name
  • Autosave not reading setting object correctly
  • Support for third-party behavior addons in the SDK


We're working hard to keep improving Construct 3, making lots of improvements and bug fixes. This build has a big batch of them as usual.

One significant change is we've added support for behaviors in the addon SDK now, so third-party developers can start porting C2 behaviors to C3. We've also updated theSDK documentationto cover behaviors as well.

And best of all, we've finally got the build service running! Please bear with us if there are any issues with it, since it's so new the paint is still drying. You can give it a spin by choosing the Cordova export option and then clickingBuild apps. Right now it can generate an Android APK and optionally also an Xcode project you can use to build on a Mac. Give it a go and if you run in to any issues please let us know!

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