Construct 3

Release r15

03 April, 2017 () Last updated on 03 April, 2017 ()


Xbox Live plugin, SDK support, compatibility update and lots of bug fixes.

20 Changes

  • New Xbox Live plugin. This will allow integration with Xbox Live services and enable publishing Xbox One games. It is not currently usable during the public beta but is ready for when subscriber features are made available.
  • Import SVG files into the image editor
  • Image editor: crop rectangle selection
  • Polyfill to show storage quota indicator in current Chrome versions
  • Some architectural work to remove dependency on HTML imports, so it is not required to port C3 to other browsers. This should make cross-browser support easier in future.
Bug fix
  • Possible crash choosing a web font
  • Crash rotating wrapped selection with a non-rotatable object
  • Event sheet view: can now clone an event to be a sub-event of itself
  • Incorrect restoration of scroll position of layouts and event sheets
  • Crashes while attempting to import files
  • Crash when using the keyboard shortcut to apply a change to a whole animations with either the Mirror, Flip, Rotate or Crop tools.
  • Crash when resizing an object type with no animations after previously resizing a whole animation of an object type with animations.
  • All dropped files in the import dialog were ignored.
  • Image editor crash when double clicking on the close button
  • Cannot switch to debug while preview is open
  • Crash, resizing sometimes also tries to move a pane
  • Crash / project corruption when cloning text object
  • Instance variables, behavior and effect properties clone with the correct properties
  • Crash if network is lost while a project template being loaded
  • Support for first release of plugin SDK.


We are working on Xbox One publishing support for both Construct 2 and Construct 3! AsMicrosoft announced in Marchthe new Xbox Live Creators Program allows tools like Construct to use their UWP export to publish to the Xbox One with Xbox Live services integration. As a small step towards enabling that in Construct 3, we are now shipping the Xbox Live plugin in the Construct 3 editor. Right now this move is mostly symbolic, since it's not available in the free edition which is what the public beta is currently limited to. However it's there ready for when subscriber features become available, including in the Newgrounds Gamejam in May. Yes, we will also be back-porting this plugin to Construct 2 as well! The next C2 update will also include it, but we are still super busy with more details of the C3 release (like preparing the SDK). We hope to get round to that soon!

In other news, we've done some architectural work in this update to reduce our dependency on HTML imports, which should make future cross-browser compatibility a lot easier. There are still a couple of missing features in other browsers and we want to focus on stabilising C3 in Chrome at first anyway, but we are keen to support other browsers in future and this is a key step towards that.

Finally we're still working hard to fix all the bugs that have been reported. We've had approaching 200 bug reports in the space of a week, which is quite a challenge to deal with, but this is the point of the public beta! We're happy to be rooting out lots of issues and fixing them, and there's another batch in this update. Please do keep testing and letting us know of any problems you find!

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