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  • Hey all. I published a new plugin to the Scirra store about a month ago and I forgot to ever talk about it.

    Basically, when I published my Text Alignement plugin during the summer, I wanted to do the same for Spritefont too.


    But I also wanted to add a lot more features to it, including per character animation.

    This lead to lots of hours spent doing it and it was finally released at the beginning of 2018.

    You can try it out here:


    You can see a quick implementation of it here:


    You can learn how to use it here:


    You can get it here:

    https://www.scirra.com/store/construct2 ... eluxe-4093

    I appreciate any feedback, so if you like the product, find a bug or feel like something could be improved, please tell me, and I'll do my best to meet your demands.

  • Hi,

    thanks for the great plugin/behavior! Works perfect and is very easy to setup and use. Cool stuff!

    I was wondering is there any way to adjust the animation speed in addition to the force/strength of effect?

  • Waltuo Hi,

    At the moment it is not possible, however I can add it in, but it would make using tags for animation a bit harder: You'd need to add another value to the tag containing the speed value. (aka <X Swing> becomes <X Swing 25 25>)

    I guess I could use a thing that makes it so the default value for strength is used.

    Or I can make it a global value that applies the same speed to everything.

    Tell me what you would like to have in more details and I'll try to add it in if you really need it.

  • skymen

    Thanks for your answer, if you can add this feature that would be a great addition to this already awesome plugin /behavior

    Best would be if speed could be set on case-by-case basis with another value in the tag ("<X Swing 25 25>", as you mentioned). That would be more flexible than a global value and make it possible to have text animate more calmly or with more aggressive speed depending on content/situation. I don't think it's too complex or hard for users, as this feel like a very easy and straightforward plugin to use overall. Maybe if only one value was set (like <X Swing 25>) it could then use the default value for speed in that case.

    Anyway, thanks again for the plugin and support and hopefully you can find a way to add this feature in

  • YES, awesome! Thanks so much for this!

    Edit: Just a heads up, both the example and showcase capx require other 3rd party plugins (Globals by Toby and FPS Counter by Gigatron) so I can't open them without these plugins. Are they absolutely necessary? Thanks again!

  • I would expect setting an objects time scale would work for changing its speed.

    If its set to use dt that is.

  • Waltuo I will try to add them for the next update.

    @andreyin No indeed they are not necessary and I removed them. I'll put them in the next update.

    In the meantime here they are:

    https://mega.nz/#!lxl3hJ7K!ZM-i48W_lCSQ ... YdRDaBBrT8

    https://mega.nz/#!45UngYTB!tpdY7jxAml-p ... H_bXu8rxGE

    @newt Indeed changing dt does indeed change the speed of the animation (except the Shake one as it's based on random, so you can't really have a "speed" for that). However I still think that being able to change speed case by case is better as timescale can sometimes work weirdly, and it's still a global value, so not that flexible.

  • Waltuo Ok I successfully added speed to the tags.

    You can now either use it like this

    <X/Y/A Mode Strength Speed>[/code:u01ylprm]
    For example:
    [code:u01ylprm]<X Wave 25 150>[/code:u01ylprm]
    Or you can remove the strength value and leave a space to use its default value, like this:
    [code:u01ylprm]<X/Y/A Mode  Speed>[/code:u01ylprm]
    For example:
    [code:u01ylprm]<X Wave  150>[/code:u01ylprm]
    Please note the two spaces between Wave and 150 as it is really important. If there is only one space, 150 will be passed in as a Strength value.
    I already updated the showcase to account for this change, so you can try it right here:
    This change will be available in the next update (aka as soon as Scirra accepts the update request on the store)
  • skymen Awesome! This is exactly what I hoped for! Can't wait to update and use it in my project Thank you very much for the great support and improving this product!

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  • Heads up Waltuo andreyin the new version has been approved! It has both the new speed value and the capxs with no 3rd party plugins except mine.

    As always, feedback is appreciated .

  • Hey, I've checked out your plugin, and it seems awesome. One thing I'd like to ask about, I would be interested in having this typewriter effect included in the plugin with a option to tweak the speed of the typewritting per word. For example: "hey there <x wave> stranger" and have something like <speed 10> to add before stranger to change the speed of the typewritting effect

    I don't know how hard that would be to add since i understand the typewritting effect isn't added to the plugin specifically. But I'd be interested if it would be possible, since it's the only thing that I see missing from something like this. If you do add it, I'd very much like to know


  • StefanSava Hello! I don't really plan on adding a typewriter effect in this specific plugin, but I plan on making a typewriter behavior that works with my plugin, and also with other regular spritefont plugins.

    I the meantime there are really good (and already available) typewriter stuff that you can find. But if you need a behavior, be sure to stay tuned for what I do, cause this might be coming pretty soon!

    EDIT: Note that the plugin comes with a basic typewriter effect (that doesn't have the speed thing you want sadly).

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