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How do I host in amazon aws or a vps?

  • Hi,

    So I'm making an online multiplayer game. I know that if I want it to be server based, and not host2peer, I have to open a web browser in a server, and open the web address of the game, so the server is the host.

    I made an account in amazon aws, managed to create a linux server instance (EC2), connected to it, and then it opens the console and I go blank

    Do somebody knows what to do from there? What do I type in the console?


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  • For Amazon EC2 Linux server instructions, I would look into their official tutorial.

    Getting Started with Amazon EC2 Linux Instances

    Did you create your own multiplayer server application for Construct 2 games?

    If not, you'll need a third party server application and be fluent with servers (and related server/programming codes) to be able to run and maintain server side multiplayer games.

    There are professional companies who provide such services and one of them is Firebase.

    Please refer to Rexrainbow's Firebase plugin for Construct 2.


    I've learned how to make multiplayer games with Construct 2 by reading this tutorial by Ashley.

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