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Upload to Scirra Arcade

  • Do I need to purchase in order to able to publish to Scirra Arcade?

  • You shouldn't have to as I believe the free version lets you export html.

  • Thanks. But why I always have this message :

    "Zip contains file extensions not on the whitelist"

    It's easier to check when there's list that mention what plugins will be rejected.

  • The arcade currently only supports the native plugins that come with C2 when installed. The arcade also has a project window width limit of 800px (not to be confused with Layout width, which can be any size).

    All this information is shown when you go to submit your game to the arcade.

  • Thanks. But why I always have this message :

    "Zip contains file extensions not on the whitelist"

    It's easier to check when there's list that mention what plugins will be rejected.

    as said above the page you upload on says all supported plugins and how to upload

    I copied it here

    Game Files

    Upload your Construct 2 game file. The file must be in .zip format exported directly from Construct 2. All other file formats will be rejected.

    Maximum size of upload is 10mb. Maximum width of the game is 800px.

    Supported Plugins and Behaviors

    Below is a list of all our supported plugins and behaviors. If your game is rejected, check that your game only uses plugins/behaviors on this list.

    Plugins: AJAX, Arr, Audio, Button, Browser, C2WebSocket, Dictionary, Facebook, Function, gamepad, Geolocation, googleplay, IAP, List, Keyboard, Mouse, NinePatch, NodeWebkit, Particles, progressbar, ScirraArcade, shadowlight, sliderbar, Sprite, Spritefont2, Text, TextBox, TiledBg, Tilemap, Touch, Twitter, UserMedia, video, WebStorage, win8, XML

    Behaviors: EightDir, Anchor, bound, Bullet, Car, custom, destroy, DragnDrop, Fade, Flash, jumpthru, LOS, NoSave, Pathfinding, Persist, Physics, Pin, Platform, Rotate, scrollto, shadowcaster, Sin, Solid, Timer, Turret, Wrap

  • The size is 2.6Mb. Width 630px.

    I was using any plugins inside C2 editor. No third-party plugins.

    If Scirra can detect any unsupported files, it's better to show it inside the alert message, so I know the unsupported files inside my zip file.

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  • These are file types of my folder. Which one is rejected by Scirra?

    .png, .manifest, .jpg, .js, .css,


    .eot, .svg, .ttf, .woff, .woff2

  • Here is an example of game with more than 10mb, uploaded successfully to the website Kongregate.


    Thanks a lot to Ashley and AarongamerX for the tutorials

    Here are the simple ways:

    Step 1) Upload your game to Google Drive


    Step 2) Upload To Kongregate


    That's it, Hope it helps =)

  • Pretty sure you can't upload to the arcade anymore, as of r190.

    Edit: Yeah, search for the word 'arcade' here (comment is by Kyatric):


  • Thanks guys.

    Actually I have emailed Scirra and they answer back with list of files that rejected in arcade.

  • I don't know why users can't upload games using third party plugins, most of the big projects need to use these plugins.

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