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Can somebody test ShadowLights for me ?

  • I am using Firefox [latest version] and it doesn't work the way it should for ShadowLights but that is ok because I guess Firefox have better things to do like cure world hunger or asking for donations and stuff instead of supporting basic HTML 5 like the rest of the browser does.

    For those of you who have a browser that support ShadowLights correctly, can you explain this to me ?

    From what I understand from the manual, the "Height" = the Length of the shadow cast [Firefox just give you the finger and make it extend all the way EVEN when radius is set to 0 and you have a very short height like 1] .

    I am somewhat confused that each object that have the ShadowCaster behavior implemented also have its own Height property.

    So...how exactly does the individual instance's ShadowCaster's height work alongside the main ShadowLights's height ?

    Does it:

    1: Overrides the Main ShadowLight Height and replace it with its own ?

    2: Compliment it as a multiplier like say it the ShadowLight's height is 2 and if the individual's instance height is 50, it halves the original height of 2 to 1 ?

    Sorry, the manual isn't clear on that, thanks for the help.

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