Make yourself a mute button (or a toggling sort of button in general)!



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Hi everyone!

So this might seem like a fairly straightforward tutorial but for the user who is beginner/intermediate this might help! I spent a lot of time and a lot of swearing to work this out and I thought I'd share for those in the future.

I wanted a button (and not one of Construct's pre-made ones) to mute sound and I wanted it clearly show when sound was on and when sound was off, so I created these on illustrator:

Using the Audio toggle silent function, I was able to get the functionality working but I couldn't work out how to change the image, until I finally worked out the answer: GLOBAL VARIABLES!


Here's the event sheet:

It turns out, there is a very good tutorial on this already with an good explanation and other suggestions: (I wish I had found this sooner!)/i[]

If you want to see this button in action, check out this bad boy:

Hope this helped!


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