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This is just a very quick tutorial on parsing some XML text. I had to visit all three links referenced from the manual to figure this out, and thought a concrete example would help the next person.

I've borrowed this snippet from one of those sample sites (XPATH example). I'm pasting this just as a string, so note the double quotes:

    <?xml version=""1.0"" encoding=""utf-8""?>
      <Album artist=""The Last Shadow Puppets"" title=""The Age Of The Understatement"">
        <Track rating=""4"" length=""P3M7S"">The Age Of The Understatement</Track>
        <Track rating=""3"" length=""P2M18S"">Standing Next To Me</Track>
        <Track rating=""5"" length=""P2M26S"">Calm Like You</Track>
        <Track rating=""3"" length=""P3M38S"">Separate and Ever Deadly</Track>
        <Track rating=""2"" length=""P2M37S"">The Chamber</Track>
        <Track rating=""3"" length=""P2M44S"">Only The Truth</Track>
      <Album artist=""Kings Of Leon"" title=""Because Of The Times"">
        <Track rating=""4"" length=""P7M10S"">Knocked Up</Track>
        <Track rating=""2"" length=""P2M57S"">Charmer</Track>
        <Track rating=""3"" length=""P3M21S"">On Call</Track>
        <Track rating=""4"" length=""P3M09S"">McFearless</Track>
        <Track rating=""1"" length=""P3M59S"">Black Thumbnail</Track>

First load the string with the XML:Load action.

To get started parsing, you need a For each node "/Catalog", to parse the Catalog node. In a sub-event you now parse the Album nodes, and from another sub-event you parse the Track nodes.

That traverses the tree. Now at each level you add the actions to get at the data via the XML.StringValue() expression. Attributes require an @ prefix (so: @rating), and the node data itself can use the tag node().

You can also get the number of nodes with the XML.NodeCount() expression, with the relevant name.



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