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Okay 1 down 2 more to go. If you are using the capx you should have put all your events from the Vertical Section underneath the Vertical Group. Disable it. So lets see if our tile will work with going horizontal or not. So the width of our project is (480). So let's divide that by 2 and move the Tiled Background to the -240. So the Tiled Background position should be (-240,0). Stretch the Tiled Background to fill the width to the end of the window.

Now let's adjust our event sheet. Disable the Vertical Grouping Section and move to the Horizontal Grouping Section. Creat a sub-event to be TiledBackground.X is greater than or equal to 0-> Set TiledBackground.X to -240. Now run the project and lets take a look at the results.

Oh no!! There is a little jittering to it!! Well lets see when we made the tile it was built to conform vertically not horizontally. Back to Krita we go. Lets resize the canvas width to be 240 which is half of 480.

Now lets fill in the sides and go back into Wrap Around mode and try to fix out tile again to appear seamless. Once your done save this one as GoodTile2.png. Here is my new one

Now let's go back to C2 and load the new tile in and test run that one. Well what do you know...now that we fixed the width to conform to the width of the project the background wraps smoothly.

Wow you are uber awesome. First you did vertically now you just did horizontally!! 1 MORE TO GO!!


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  • Minha rolagem lateral funcionou, mas só não entendi porque no início tem que colocar metade da imagem pra fora e depois esticar. Se for algo diferente disso fica estranho. Por que?