Windows 8: Using the Scirra Windows 8 Plug-in for live tiles

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This tutorial hasn't been translated.


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Wow, there is a very good plug-in by one of the community and if you want to use iunk's plug-in, he has documented it quite well.

However, if you want to use the Scirra Windows 8 Plug-in, this is also easy to use. But here is how I have used the Scirra built in plug-in with a Live Tile.

Add Event

You will need to add an event (click on the faint print: Add event, not shown in tutorial):

Add Condition

Now add the condition, in this case you are adding a test to see if this is a Windows 8 app. If it is, then the project has a live tile.

Add the Algorithm

This is a simple formula, and it will cause a two simple items to appear on your tile. If you are using the Small Tile you can't change it to the large tile. If you are using the Large Tile, then you may be able to change to Small Tiles.

Here is the completed code

I used an array demonstration code just because that what was opened on my system. There is no sample code.

Your live tile appears in the simulator or Windows 8

Your live tile will appear on the "Start" screen of Windows 8 or on the Start Screen of your Windows 8 Simulator after a few seconds, make sure to wait for it. You will need to scroll over to the live tile on the Windows 8 Start Screen.


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