Windows 8: Using the built-in Windows 8 Plug-in

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This tutorial hasn't been translated.


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Ok, I know that iunkn has a freaking awesome Windows 8 Plug-in, and I highly recommend it. However, I have to stick with the built pieces so that the students I work with have less to deal with. Sorry iunkn. You know I love your work. :)

Ok, when you are learning new software, you often need to do some simple tests to learn how the software works. I noticed that there are tutorials for many things in Windows 8. The Snap, Fill, Landscape and Portrait is important as this differentiates your game from other games. If you game works smoothly in the Windows 8 environment, the more people will use your application. The Scirra designers have put in an easy to use tool.

To do this tutorial, it is easy. First add the Windows 8 plug-in and a single Text block (not TextBox) to your app. Enlarge the print in the text block, that way you can see the text block better. Export to Windows 8, open with Visual Studio 2012 running on Windows 8 and then manipulate the screen so that it is Full, then Snap (add an app like Store) then Fill. You will see the text change as you switch between the items.

That's it. Pretty simple.


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