Windows 8 and Integration

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This tutorial is licensed under CC BY 4.0. Please refer to the license text if you wish to reuse, share or remix the content contained within this tutorial.

This will get your app ready to publish to the Windows 8 Store using! There will be some code wrangling in the Visual Studio IDE so this is not aimed at the beginner but anyone should be able to follow along.


Windows 8

Visual Studio

Construct 2

Latest Plugin for Construct 2


Windows Store Developer account

The Windows Store account is optional and only needed if you want to publish the game into the store. You can still load these up onto your machine locally and play them without an account.

Configuring Plugins

You will need the plugin as well as the Windows 8 Plugin both installed in your Construct 2 Project.

You will need to make sure the Name, Author, and Description fields are filled in your Project Settings for your game.

You will need the Windows 8 project to have Test Mode No and the other options set to Yes. You will want to keep the other options on so you can have an easier time passing the App Certification process.

You will need to have your API key inserted into the object in the API Key field. The key can be found on your developer page for the game in the settings panel. You will use the plain API Key and not the Secret Key. During testing you can keep the Debug Mode Enabled but when you publish or want to final test you should Disable this.

Exporting to Visual Studio

Go ahead and export your project to Windows 8 now. Choose the Export option then Windows 8. All of the default settings are fine and I would leave minify unchecked just to prevent possible errors with plugins. Once this is done you will get a folder with all of the basics inside of it. We will be using my Penguins Can't Fly game as the test case for this Tutorial.


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