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hey guys i was searching for a default way and easy way to share for whatsapp and found this tutorial bellow by @stctr

share on twitter custom

will follow the tutorial till the part where we need to add the url so at the browser calling

for whatsapp will add in the url this code : "whatsapp://send?text=Hey"&text

for vibe will add this code : "viber://forward?text=Hey"&text

keep in mind the text at end is a global variable that i used inside the capx that you can customize as you want

you can also remove the Hey after the text= for both versions and customize on start of layout using text_set_value: "Hey Check This Game http://www.yoururl.com" or by adding the text already in it in the default variable form up in your layout

you need to use browser object, and use the action got to url then add inside the bellow formats: in the capx i used target top, but then u can set it to anything u like. have fun with it.



so here it is the capx(requires r214)and apk compiled with ludei via coconjs plugin(2.1)

remember in order for the share to work, you need to have in ur mobile phone or tablet the apps installed vibe and whatsapp, the code inside works for IOS also , basically will work, for any browser or compiled game, as long is accessed by mobile phone, and has the apps(whatsapp,viber) installed on it.

Download Capx And APK


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