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Having your own website to share your games with, or even make news or contact. In that way, fans & player will have one place to play your games & get the latest news: Your awesome website!

To begin with we need two of things to do that:

1- Dropbox public folder: to upload your games ( if you don't know how see ashley's tutorial about how to upload to dropbox) : Dropbox Tutorial By Ashley

2- Yola website builder: go to Yola

The Steps

Dropbox First!

First of all upload your game on the dropbox public file, and then copy the public link. as I said if you don't how just go to ashley's tutorial up there!

Sign-up in yola

now go to and go & sign-up. write the following info to sign-up:

Choose a template

Now its time to choose a template! Use the template that symbolize your game or your game genre. There are couple of templates to choose of. Note: you can change your template later on

Choose a name

Choose the name of your game company or whatever is it like : Howards Studios, HardRock Productions, etc.... and oh, choose the type of your website. since there is no game type, you must use the other or personal type.

Start building!

Now you must build your website from scratch or work with yola sitebuilder setup.

Now you have a great website!


You got 6 tabs to get benefit with, but what mostly what are you going to use it the widgets.

Add a page

Now click the page tab, and click the plus button, and add a new page. Name it games, so players can know where to play. Note: you can only add 3 in free. you must upgrade to get more!

Add text widget

Go to the widget tab and drag a text widget to the page. click on it, you will get text settings.

Add link

Now, select a text ( you might name it "click here" or your game's name) and click the link button:

now choose one of the appropriate link setting you want ( I use external link) and then paste the public link to your dropbox game.


Congrats on your new website and your awesome games. Now go hit publish to make it view-able for all!


Hope I helped!


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