How To Make A Water Reflection!

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Water reflections are a cool effect that can be added easily to any game.

You will need a background scene if you are doing land and water and try to find one that will look good reflected.

Make a clone of the background image and flip it upside down and add the Warp Ripple effect to the water image. You can adjust the WarpRipple settings so the water moves fast or slow.

That gives you the effect of the background being reflected on moving water but wait let's add in some other object sprites and effects to give it depth.

That is water with no objects.

Here I added in a player object to move around and I created a clone sprite of the character and pinned it to the player and flipped it and then I added the WarpRipple effect to the reflection image. I set the reflection to same settings as background so it moves smoothly with the water.


I added in a Swan and pinned it's flipped reflection and gave it the WarpRipple effect and bullet behavior so it paddles across the water.

Now you can use other effects to make the water look more like water and I made the background and object reflections into oil paintings to reduce the sharpness and I adjusted the brightness of the water so it is a little darker than the sky and that gives it more depth.

Tada! It is actually pretty easy to create a nice water reflection effect for your games and this could be used for many games and would look good used for a ship or boat on the water.

Download the CAPX and play around with the effects and add your creation to the comments.



Download now 451.35 KB

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