View More of Your Layout During Play

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A quick tutorial on how to make it so you can see more of your layout when you play/test your game. Apologies if this is already done but i couldnt find a tutorial explaining how to do this.

Moving on!

So lets assume you want to view more of your lovely designed layout when your game is running. You want to be able to see more of the background as you run through your platform game or whatever it is you're making.

Quite simply, open up your events tab and add the following:

New Event > System > On Start Of Layout > System > Set Layout Scale To

Then from here you can choose your scale size. The standard scale is "1". A smaller scale will allow you to view more of your layout, or "zoom out". A larger scale will allow you to view less, or "zoom in".

And thats all there is to it!

Hope this is helpful :)

Happy gaming all!

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