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I am not advertising vdopia, just got easy method to integrate vdopia.

MUST : Download Pode_html_iframe plugin if you don't have.

Create account in vdopia.com, it is free and it serves all types of ads and supports multiple size of banners.

Goto Channel builder and create channel with type "Video" and provide all the relevant information, your url must be valid, until it is verified it wont give you API key.

Once it is created click on "generated code" button.

Give the video size and provide some more information, after that again click on "generated code" button.

You will see readymade html code for your video ads.

Just save that html code as html file.

Now in import file in "Files" in project window example test.html.

Final step : draw a instance of pode_html_iframe as same video ads size and give url of your imported file example test.html.

You have integrated successfully, do some more hit and try to get what you wanted.


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