Using Prompt InputText instead of TextBox in CocoonJS



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Guys, do not write in English, then translated in google translator

Come on, this tutorial "Online High Score Table (AJAX, PHP, MySQL)" teaches how to make an online name + score with Score, however this tutorial teaches using TextBox, but as we all know (and for that u do not know, stay knowing now), the TextBox does not work when compiling the project in CocoonJs, that way we will only be able to send the score with the name for the White served, so it is not cool right.

So come, first u have to download and follow the tutorial online score table.

"Online High Score Table (AJAX, PHP, MySQL)"

Now let's modify that stop there to work when compiled with Cocoonjs.

Where this "& txtPlayerName.Text &" writing you should modify for "& CocoonJS.InputText &" and thus the full line of code.

"" & CocoonJS.InputText & "&score=" & Score.

Now you should add the Touch> On touched Object> event (I put the Text, for when the person writing her name in the prompt that will appear, the name will appear in this Text)> add the action (Action) CocoonsJS> Prompt Text Input .

Had been more or less well.

Now just you put your Text (if u have done like him and putting the person to click on the text to appear Promt InputText), which in my case this PlayerNomeInput named in Every tick> Set Text> and put this line CocoonJS.InputText code. getting more or less well.

Sorry for not explaining right, I do not know tutorial, but I have helped so msm.

Stay with the complete picture of how I'm more or less.


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