Using PlayFab Service in Construct 2

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Hi fellow devs! Welcome to my tutorial! In this tutorial we will learn how to connect our Construct 2 project to PlayFab services.

PlayFab is similar with GameSparks. You can compare their feature on other site. In this tutorial, i will only explain how to use PlayFab Service in Construct 2 or Construct 3 project.

As you know, PlayFab doesn't have any official plugin for Construct 2/3, so in this tutorial I will teach you how to connect your construct 2 project to PlayFab service without 3rd party plugin.

You can learn more about PlayFab from their official site..

As a side note :

This tutorial only cover the core function of PlayFab, if you're interested about how to implement PlayFab Leaderboard, check out this template.

Step 1 - Register, Create your game, get your Title ID

First of all make sure you already have a PlayFab dev account. If you don't have one, you can register at this link.

You will be asked to create a new Studio, give it a name, and then create a new Title/Game.

Fill all the required fields. Then, click continue.

Now, look at your newly created Title, and then copy the Title ID.

Step 2 - Download PlayFab SDK

Head over to PlayFab SDK Download, click the Download PlayFab SDK button.

Extract the downloaded file, then Find PlayFabClientApi.js in folder \JavaScriptSDK-versioned\PlayFabSdk\src\PlayFab[/b]

Rename it to playfabclientapi.js (lowercase) so the engine/browser will find the file easily.


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