Using the Facebook 2.0 plugin

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Create a Facebook App Account

Log onto, open the Apps link and select New

A new window will pop up. For the sake of this tutorial we will be selecting Website.

Enter a name for your new Facebook app ID and click Create. It will let you know if you cannot use the name you chose. If this happens choose a different catchy name. Be careful with selection of the ID thisis the url that people will use when logging into your app on Facebook....

For the sake of this tutorial we will select no this is not a test app. You would select Yes if you wanted to maintain a non public version of your app for testing new features before going live. Also select a category for your app and then continue.

On the next screen scroll down past the example startup code to the url sections. Set this to the website address used by desktop users in the top spot and Ipad's, Iphones, and other mobile devices in the bottom section. Leaving either spot blank will keep mobile/desktop users from accessing your application.

At this point we are finished setting up our website application account. Unless you are a developer looking for code to add, select "Skip to developer dashboard" which should appear by scrolling down slightly after continuing from the previous section.

Now We have created a simple, basic application. Stay tuned for more advanced fine tuning in the coming days.


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