Using 1 Event Sheet For Multiple Layouts



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Recently Ive noticed i have been using way too many event sheets in my games. Having too many event sheets can slow down your game. A programmer got on me about having to many so i figured out a way how to cut them down dramatically.

1. First figure out what kind of game you are making. How do you want to transition from layout to layout? If you are having the player get a specific number of points then you can do something like this.

wash, rinse, and repeat.

2. If you are having the player click continue to go to the next level you can make multiple buttons and still have 1 event sheet. This way is a bit more heavier than the 1st way but is still way more cost effective than having 10 event sheets for 10 different levels.

If you want differnt things to happen on each layout just compare the variable [level] in the event sheet. If level=? do something. On start of layout can still work as well. You can just do this:

That's it for now. I hope this helps someone. Im still surprised i didn't do this before lol. 1 event sheet to rule them ALL!!!!!


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  • Did you ever make a demo for this? I'm missing something I could use a look at the entire thing put together.