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Well i write this tutorial because i had a wile ago a big problem. I wont to make some "smoke". well so i was searching the hole web for a nice sprite sheet or something like this. But i found nothing.

So then i finished on one of this "free gif animation" sites. And there i found even a nice "smoke".

First you will have to find a gif. For the Example i use this Fire...

Step 1:

First to do is you have to "Decompose" the gif. This you can do very simple on this Site:

Step 2:

Now you can Download a ZIP file. Once you have downloaded the zip, you have to decompress it somewhere on you computer. In this Folder now shud be a couple of Pictures.

Step 3:

Well now you just make a new Sprite in your Project, import all the Pictures as Animation Frames, make the Settings, like for the fire i used "loop = yes" and "speed = 10", just play around how you will need and how it looks god to you.

The nice thing is now you can work whit it like every other image on construct, stretching and do what ever you like to do... :)

Here is also a capx whit a example... both animations are made out of a gif.

Well and as i said, if your looking like a crazy for a animation like smoke, fire, or what so ever. Have a look at the "free animation gif" sites. there is a lot of Bulls* but there is also a lot of stuff what you can use very nice in this way!

Well i hope you liked my first Tutorial. I Hope this will help someone to not getting crazy... ;)

ps: sry for that bad English i hope it isn't too bad... :)


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