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The new Scirra Arcade allows you to share your game with the world on the Scirra website itself! Here's what you need to know.


Currently the Arcade only supports the built-in plugins and behaviors, except for the platform specific plugins (like the Windows 8 object). Also, the Browser object has limited features on the Arcade: any actions which can navigate to a different page are blocked for security reasons. Currently all third-party plugins and behaviors are not allowed. We'll be looking to improve this in future by adding more support, but each plugin and behavior must be carefully reviewed first to ensure the Arcade remains a safe and secure place to play games.

Fullscreen support

You can't make an Arcade game open in fullscreen (yet), but you can switch in to fullscreen from the game itself. Just use the Browser object's Request fullscreen action, and the game should be able to go fullscreen from the Arcade. Note you'll need to support multiple screen sizes for this.


Add the Scirra Arcade object to your project, and it provides actions to submit scores and times. Once a couple of scores have been submitted, a hi-score table should automatically appear on the game's page! You can also make an in-game hi-score board by using the object's expressions after requesting hi-scores.

Export in the Arcade format

Once your game is ready to go, click Export project and select Scirra Arcade. (It won't work if you select the ordinary HTML5 Website option - you have to select Scirra Arcade!)

Be sure to pick a new empty directory to export to. When you click Export you'll get a single file called game.zip. This is what you need to upload to the Scirra Arcade. Click Submit Game to submit your new game.

Once it's uploaded you'll also need to provide a 280x233 sized tile to represent the game, and some extra details like instructions and a description if you didn't fill one out in Construct 2.

The Arcade submissions are moderated so you might have to wait a day or two for a moderator to verify your game. Once that's done, your game is on show to the world!

That's all!

We hope to resolve the limitations and add more features as time goes by. We'll update this tutorial when we do.

Also, bandwidth can be expensive, so we might add adverts around your game. We won't touch the content of the game itself, though.

Want to embed an Arcade game on your website? See How to embed your game!

That's all there is to it - have fun uploading your games! Can you get your game in the Most Played list...?


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