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The new Scirra Arcade allows you to share your game with the world on the Scirra website itself! Here's what you need to know.


To ensure players have a good experience on the Scirra Arcade, some features are blocked. Your game cannot navigate to another page, nor open any popup windows. If you wish to provide a link to a website, put it in the game's description instead, or one of the other fields such as the app store link.

Export in the Arcade format

Once your game is ready to go, click Export project and select Scirra Arcade. (It won't work if you select the ordinary HTML5 Website option - you have to select Scirra Arcade!)

Be sure to pick a new empty directory to export to. When you click Export you'll get a single file called game.zip. This is what you need to upload to the Scirra Arcade. Click Submit Game to submit your new game, or visit the Upload a game section of the Scirra Arcade.

You'll also need to provide some extra details like instructions and a description, and some images to represent your game.

The Arcade submissions are sometimes moderated so you might have to wait a day or two for a moderator to verify your game. Once that's done, your game is on show to the world!

That's all!

Want to embed an Arcade game on your website? See How to embed your game!

That's all there is to it - have fun uploading your games! Can you get your game in the Most Played list...?


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