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This tutorial hasn't been translated.


I happend to check heroku for one of our friend to see how difficult is to upload files in Heroku.

After login into account I got the understanding , it is not simple to add static files in heroku and no support HTML files as default, as they use GIT to upload files and make the version of your software/code.

As per official update you have to look at the this link for the understanding:

Static html in Ruby

But it is not easy and simple for everyone and it is technology specific as well.

So I searched little and got the idea, here you have to trick heroku to update static files.

Steps :

I assume you are using windows 7.x,8.x

1) Very first thing install heroku ToolBelt

2) Create folder/directory in your system like C:\heroku or d:\heroku etc....

3) open command prompt (CMD) from start->run

4) go to your newly created directory

      c:\cd heroku

4) Follow below steps :

    heroku login
        login using your heroku user/pass
    git:clone -a mytesthtml5
        Copy here all your exported game files or unzip zip file
    rename index.html to home.html 
    make index.php file and write below code and save file
        <?php include_once('home.html'); ?>
    git add .
    git commit -am "comments here"
    git push heroku master 

And you done, once file uploaded successfully, you can play your game.

Example working game :Working Game link in Heroku


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