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Have you finished your game and want to share it with the world? If you have your own website and some HTML know-how, you probably are comfortable integrating the exported files to your site. However, if you don't have your own website, you can share your games on Google Drive!

Get a Google Drive account

If you don't have one already, head to Google Drive and sign up an account. It's free, and you get 5GB of storage (which is plenty, enough for lots of games). If you already have a Google account that you're signed in to, you probably already have a Drive set up for you automatically.

Upload your project

Export your project as normal from Construct 2 (make sure you choose the 'HTML5 website' option). In Google Drive, click the Upload icon and choose Folder.

Select the folder with your exported game from Construct 2. The files will start uploading to your Google Drive. You might need to wait a few minutes for all the files to finish uploading.

Share the folder

Once uploading is done, select the checkbox for the uploaded folder, and click the Share icon at the top.

In the dialog that opens, you'll notice by default it's set to private. Click Change.

Select Public on the web and click Save.

Get your public URL

To get a URL to the playable version of your game, and not a page which opens the source of the HTML page, you need to edit the Link to share a little.

In the sharing link, between the '/d/' and '/edit' parts is a unique ID for your shared folder. Copy this from the URL. Next, paste this in to the following URL where it says FOLDERID:


Note you still need "index.html" on the end. Here's an example:

This is now the URL to your game! You should be able to visit it in a new browser tab and see the game load.

Sharing the link

You're now armed with a public link to your game that you can paste anywhere. Paste it to your friends, send it by email, link to it from your blog, tweet it, put it on Facebook, Google+ it, do what you like! Your game is now accessible to the whole world. Have fun! :)

Bandwidth limits

Google Drive is a convenient way to share your project with a small number of people. However, note that Google Drive is a personal file host, so the free account may have some fairly low bandwidth limits. If too many people play the game, Google may shut down your folder with a "bandwidth exceeded" message. If you want a more reliable host in case your game is popular, you'll need to find one that charges. However there are loads of hosts out there, and many of them are very cheap, so you shouldn't have to look far.


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