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As I promised here is my trivia Game

Writing Trivia game is not that hard. Writing any game or software uses logic and that’s what Trivia game is. To create this game you will not need any plug-ins. Construct is very powerful tool. What you will need is free version or latest licence version. If you are using free version and if you can have the funds for then please buy it. C2 is worth weight gold. Easy to use

For our Trivia game we will need text file so we can load it in our project. Your file looks like this below: Please make sure your txt file looks exactly like mine if not your game will not function.

And so on until you have ten names of data. Remember to use semicolon (;) at end of your line. This means line of data finish there. You can use any other symbol. At end of first Data use pipe line to end that part. To get pipe line press shift and forward slash (\). You should get | pipe.

Before we go further lets create project and load text file. Check how we will implement our array.

Create new project and call trivia game. Trivia game Project.

Open Construct 2 and create new project give name Trivia.

Set windows size default

Set layers size to default

On layers we will have 5 Textboxes so your layer will look like below

• Name top textbox Question

• Answer random question holder

• Answer1 random question holder

• Answer2 random question holder

• Answer3 random question holder

• Answer4 this one will be our correct answer holder

• Feedback this one will give you Feedback Correct or Incorrect andswer

• Add Function

• Add arrays

• Touch

Please open your Even Editor and First create global variables

enter this line


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