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Using A Stamp To Make A Light

For this one you'll need the stamp.png I provided.

1. We need to separate the black and white so let's use the magic wand tool. Set the tolerance to 0% then click on the white area.

2. Copy the selection with Ctrl C then make a new layer above the current one. Paste the copied arrow onto that layer using Ctrl V. Also fill in the white area on the bottom layer to make it completely black.

3. Use the Gradient tool in Transparency mode, but this time set the type to Linear. Start at the point of the arrow, and go to the bottom

4. Delete the black layer and you now have a light made from a stamp!

Note: If you want your light to break through a layers colour like in the LightingEffect.capx example, but have colour, you will need 2 objects with the same image, one has Destination Out for the blend mode, and one has Normal for the blend mode. Place the Normal object above the one with Destination Out and have the coloured one set position to that one.

Note 2: You can use coloured images too, just fill in the desired area the same way you did with the arrow stamp.


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