Tracking your users with Ajax, PHP and MySQL

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The output

Now to see if it worked. Go back to your phpMyAdmin and click on browse. If it all worked properly, you should now see some new data that looks something like this:

Those two lines you see with ID# 15 and 16 in the image are connections made by the Ajax plugin to the .php script which added them to the database (I smudged out my IP address).

If you didn't get these results, make sure you check the directory where you uploaded your .php file. If there's an error.dat file, then the .php script ran into problems and should tell you why.


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  • Thanks a lot - VERY helpful! :)

    Just to note that lines 2-5 in your MySQL codearen't recognized as correct SQL code.

    Are they important? can you update how should they look now?