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Let’s create Touch control game. First create new project and call it whatever you like.

1. Set Layout size to 1500 x 640

2. Margins 960 x 640

3. Windows size 960 x 640

Now create layers

1. Background

2. Objects

3. Player

4. HUD and HUD Parallax 0,0

Now create Sprite Background 1 and Create sprite Background 2

Background 1 & 2 Set origin 0,405

Create another Image point 1 1080, 405

Set size to

980 x 640

Now set behaviour to

And do the same for Background 2

Now place background 1 in layout 0 , 0

Create Sprite and name it TRIGGER and set size to 16 x 680 and place it at -16, 323

Clone TRIGGER1 and it should be named TRIGGER2 place this to -985,323

Crete Player on Player layout and call it whatever you wish I have called my player HERO

Set hero behaviour to

Create Rocket Booster and Behavior PIN TO set to INVISIBLE

Create pick-up like below

also enemies Behavior AS ABOVE

Now let's add code start of layout

Create players pickups and Enemies

How to Control Hero

Background code

Create TEXT and name it txtScore on HUD

Hero Pickups and Score

Now as you run the game it works with Mouse left button well as touch. There is so much you can do better add thing and much more. Next Time if I can I will show beginners how to create FUNCTION and use it in game. Functions are very powerful and controlling stuffs on Screen.


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