How to toggle Game Sounds & Music

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Well, as a game developer, you are going to use lots of sounds, and one or couple of music for your game to make it interesting. Sometimes player wants to mute the game sounds for some reason, and using keyboard to mute & return sounds is quite unprofessional to do plus the player may not notice that the sound has been muted, so he may think that the game has a bug! ( Which we all don't want that as developers)

Note: This Tutorial for inexperienced developers in construct 2

How To Make It?


We need the following to make the sounds toggle:

1- Sprite with two animations: one On , second Off

2- Music & sounds of course :lol:

3- Mouse or Touch Plugin ( Your choice )

Let's Start

1- Add the sprite that has two animation (name the first on, second off)

2- Name the sprite into "Sound"

3- Place your sprite anywhere in your game ( It's recommended to put it in the title screen, in the left-bottom or right-bottom)


Add the following events & actions as seen below:


Congratulation on making a professional sound toggle button! In this way the player can easily toggle sounds and notice if he accidentally muted the game :lol:


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