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Hello everybody ,

Today i am going to give you some tips on how to make your games faster and without stress

Tip 1 :

Before starting your game , write all your ideas on a White paper

Not on your PC :)

When you get a Solid Idea

Re-write it on the other side of the paper (Save the earth , don't use too much paper ) :/

This works for stories , mission storylines , Player names , Game title , etc


Ideas for the name of the hero

First Side:donnydore,Sailly,Max,PaperBeast

Second side: Paper Beast

Ideas for the story

First Side:The princess got captured,The hero got captured

Second Side: The princess got captured

Tip 2 :

Design your graphics on Paper Real One ( no colors is recommended ) and then scan it and draw on the hand-drawing with black and color it .


If you don't have a scanner just copy the design from your paper

Why you ask ? because when you draw it , you have more chances to get near the result that you want

Tip 3 :

All your graphics has to be ready when you start programming

because you don't have to stop programming each day because you have to design objects

Tip 4 :

The Players are the best sources of information , you can ask them which game they like and take good information of them

Tip 5 :

Do not stress yourself.

You produce better when you have time to think about your game , so if you want to produce better just work and don't stress yourself


i hope you learned from this tutorial , thumbs up , comment , feedback , and use these informations wisely :)


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