Tips with the Free Edition

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For all those people who have the free edition of Construct 2 here is some tips to work with it.


Have a basic idea of the game your making. If you have a general understanding of the game you are creating you will comprehend how much events and layouts you will need to use to not exceed the limits in the Free Edition.


Check your events. Go through your Event Sheet(s) to site any useless events or events that do nothing. Doing this will allow more space for any necessary changes.


Unnecessary events. If you made a game where you changed a sprites color or image by destroying the original one, and making a new sprite on top of it. This would require many different sprites, and waste space, make slower games and more events spaces that might be needed later. To do this, simply just create new animations or frames for your player/sprite to change too.

If you have any other tips for users with Construct 2 Free Edition please comment below!



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