Tips for creating 8Bit games!



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Graphics are required in every game some are very advanced while others are very simple 8Bit graphics can be pretty simple but can become very complex from time to time.You may think modeling 3D graphics is harder than simple 2D graphics well no they are both equally challenging in their own ways!

Now every games graphics will have been created on some sort of application or even a website it can be hard to find one thats right for you but piskelapp is a great website even if you are just starting 8Bit graphics.It can be used for simple graphics but can also be used for very advanced graphics and is specific for 8Bit.

Sound and Music

One thing that can help your games atmosphere and mood is Sound and Music without these two elements games can be pretty...well boring.Of course if you don't want to have music or sounds then just skip this step!

Anyways if you don't know how to make your own music and sounds or just don't have the time to then you can always use zapsplat they offer thousands and thousands of sounds and some music to but if you want to make your own sound then I recommend beepbox it is specialized in 8Bit sounds!


Without a story you are pretty much doomed for game development as you won't really have anything to work off for later use(Such as elements in game)a good story usually consists of characters with seperate personalities and also good names for places and alot of other things can improve a story for your game!

Don't over complicate things when it comes to story that can make it hard for players to understand and can cause confusion later on!

Distribution and Advertisment

So Distribution and Adverisment is necessary if you want your game out there and there are quite a few websites that you can upload your game to such as GameJolt.Also you could upload it to Google Play(Payment may be required).

Now advertisment will help your game grow in popularity and help get your game plaed by people the best way to advertise is making a trailer for your game and uploading it to YouTube and other video websites you have accsess to.Also try telling your freinds to check it out they will probaly be happy to!

Links to websites:

(The game is my own game please check it out!)

I hope this tutorial served a purpose and helped you PEACE OUT!



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